Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Drawing Ideas: Thoughts from the park

I sat, drawing, at a picnic table in the park this evening.  It was so beautiful!  Fresh air.  Bright blue skies.  The sun was shining.  It was a warm 26C.  The water fountains splashed and danced about in the large lake-like pond and the birds flew overhead singing and calling to one another. 

Found Feathers:  drawing by Margaret Braun
What a difference a few days make.

The smoke from hundreds of forest fires burning in British Columbia, setting a record since 1998, engulfed Alberta for four days.  We struggled in a thick, hazy atmosphere until the smoke cleared. 

While sitting and observing my surroundings, it was a precious moment in time.  I felt very grateful and appreciative of our good fortune having a beautiful summer day return once again.

After I finished drawing, I continued with my list of ideas.

70. Keyhole:  what would you see through a keyhole?
71. A figure in motion.
72. Contour line drawings of figures.
73. Contour line drawings of objects.
74. Several studies of eyes, nose and mouth only.
75. Focus on patterns.
76. Metallic object and everything you see in it.
77. Object of interest from 3 different angles/views.
78. Mechanical object.
79. Insides of a mechanical object.
80. A parade.
81. Crowded elevator with people wearing costumes.
82. Construction site.
83. View from an insects perspective.
Sole-searching:  ink drawing by Margaret Braun
84. View under a magnifying glass including the magnifying glass.
85. Scientist.
86. Self portrait with different items (flowers, door knobs, cutlery, etc.) instead of hair.
87. Write a large number or letter in the middle of a page and turn it into something (object, person, animal).
88. Use letters and/or numbers to draw your image.
89. Make a drawing.  Fold and cut (like a snowflake).  Open and glue on to another background.

What have you observed?


  1. sole-searching-there's that wonderful sense of humor, i can hear you laugh! and when will you finish all those (89+) drawings, margaret???