Monday, August 23, 2010

Drawing: More Ideas

Drawing of a jug I made   Ink Drawing & Photo: M. Braun

Haven't seen Raymond since he returned from his month-long vacation.  Will see him when we get together for figure drawing.

A number of my artist friends and I have been involved in figure drawing for over ten years.  We meet at Harcourt's Art Education Room.  The models are amazing!  So are my artist friends!  I enjoy and treasure the time we spend together -- the ease, the laughter and the peace I feel when I am with them. 

In the meantime, I will continue my list.  Please feel free to contribute your suggestions.

35. Puppets.
36. Dragonfly.
37. Seashells.
38. Earrings.
39. Imaginary Alphabet.
40. Birthday wish list.
41. The sky.
42. Bubbles.
43. Reflections in the mirror.
44. Favourite animal with human face.
45. Favourite human with animal face.
46. Patterned cloth.
47. Lunch.
48. The Zoo.
49. What is in the rear-view mirror in the car.
50. Elephants.
51. Old truck.
52. Flowers in the park.
53. Eyes.
54. People in a coffee shop.
55. Items on a table.
56. Cute little shop.
57. An historical building.
58. Sculpture.
59. Objects through a microscope.
60. Photocopy an existing drawing, cut it up, paste to create a new work.
61. Junk food with wrapper.
62. A foot.
63. Something not pretty.
64. Part of any object.
65. Unlikely objects together.
66. Running shoes.
67. Velma's horse.
68. Tools.
69. Hands holding something.

Let me know what you have been drawing lately.


  1. Faces;)You've given me great ideas though, I need to add to my repertoire =)

  2. Aneta, I'm happy that I could help. Stay tuned. I hope to reach 200 drawing ideas.