Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kids Camp at Harcourt Gallery

Showing off newly made books   Photo: Margaret Braun
What fun we had today!

I was asked to be a guest artist at Harcourt House Art Centre's Kids Camp.   The participants were between the ages of 12 - 14.  Guess what we made?


I noticed that Susan Gaylord, a book artist that I highly respect, teaches book making to children using recycled materials and took my direction from her site then added my own twist.

I brought a dozen different papers, paper bags, playing and bingo cards, wrapping paper, gift tags, borders, wallpaper, bingo dabbers, maps, cardboard, sample fabrics, magazines, stencils, keys, ribbons, and a variety of found objects.

The students created fat little pocket-sized non-stitched books that served as sketchbooks, journals, and small photo albums.

Everyone left the class happy!  I even got some hugs!  They all assured me that they would continue producing more books tonight since they were overflowing with ideas.  I encouraged everyone to look around their homes to reuse, repurpose and recyle available materials and take the remaining classroom items with them.

Even the staff were interested in making these colourful books.  I promptly received an invitation to the year-end BBQ and was asked if I could teach everyone how to make these fun little books at the event.

I have to admit, when I got home I had to make a small book out of a beautifully marked paper bag for myself too!

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