Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sketchbook Drawing

Feathers I Found in the Park       Ink Drawings & Photo by Margaret Braun

I made a bet with my friend, Raymond.  The bet?  Who will finish their sketchbook first!  This friendly “competition” has gone on for a few years and is designed to encourage the two of us to draw on a regular basis.  The “loser” takes the “winner” out to dinner at the restaurant of her choice (LOL!).

We trade our sketchbooks during the meal and discuss the drawings.  It really is the sweet spot of this whole exercise.  A year-long retrospective is revealed as we journey back into our memories and unfold each page.  We discuss what we see in one another’s drawings, the direction this evolution is taking us and encourage one another in areas we may not have recognized.  Then the bet begins again.

I like looking at other artists’ sketchbooks.  I first met Dan Price, over ten years ago, through his books.  They are little diaries of a hobo’s life.  I love his whimsical line and the short stories he narrates which are woven throughout the images.  I live vicariously through his experiences.

Through Dan, I met Danny Gregory who encourages people to draw while working through his own personal journey.  Danny has created world-wide enthusiasm for drawing causing people to pick up their pencils once again.

Roz is a friend of Danny’s and she has an interesting way of laying out the pages of her sketchbook.  She creates a multitude of challenges for herself and can describe the strengths and weaknesses of almost every tool and product an artist might use.  Roz also makes her own books.  I would like to begin making my sketchbooks too!

I also stumbled upon the Urban Sketchers.  Every time you visit this site, you can travel throughout the world without leaving your chair (although I would prefer to visit these places).  It has been so much fun seeing drawings from every part of the globe.

Who are your favourite sketchbook artists?

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  1. Gorgeous feather sketches! Energetic mark making... they look like dancers.