Monday, August 2, 2010

Welcome to My Studio

Margaret Braun painting her studio     Photo:  Malina Bird
Hi!  My name is Margaret Braun and I am a visual artist.  Welcome to my studio in western Canada!

My intention is to ponder and play through the process of art making using fibre, paper, paint, photography and found objects.  I love to observe, discover, explore, collect and combine elements.

Over the last seven years, my work has concentrated on delicately sewn figure drawings. The drawings produce a light and whimsical treatment stitching the contours with a simple straight stitch, yielding intricate and lacy images. The works reveal an early influence with textiles, the sensual and tactile nature of my art making. My choice of materials originate from found, reused, recycled and repurposed items which depict the figurative subject matter with articles familiar to women.

I am particularly interested in utilizing found items that seemingly have little value.  Turning “nothing” into something results in a beauty that resurrects these undervalued materials with new vitality.  When placed in another contextual application, as in my artwork, they experience a new genesis which brings attention and significance to their new found being.  I enjoy exploring a variety of materials to discover how they relate to one another, co-exist and merge together to create a dialogue.

I have a strong sense and commitment to reducing my ecological footprint as a matter of daily practice.  Coming by it quite honestly, from my family of creative and skilled Europeans who reuse, recycle, and repurpose everything, I continue to believe in this lifestyle and embody it in my art.

I would like to continue to expand my horizons and make new discoveries.

Please join me.  Perhaps we could explore this world of art together!

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  1. i am honored to post the first comment here margaret. congratulations on taking the big step! love the photo of you and all that paint.