Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kaleido Festival: Arts on the Avenue

Kaleido celebrates 5 years of igniting art into the community.  Together, artists and community members have continued to combine a healthy dose of passion and creativity  --  changing individuals, industries and ultimately a way of life while encouraging community to become both artist and audience in this weekend celebration. 

Vigil by Margaret Braun one of Five Thread-drawings showing at Kaleido
“Kaleido” is a word that is derived from the Greek meaning ‘the bringing together of colour and form to create beauty.’ The “Kaleido” Family Arts Festival brings the arts to Alberta Avenue accessibly and affordably, and supports the artists who create, inspire and entertain. It fosters community awareness and community involvement. The festival promotes diversity through multi-culturalism and inter-generational expression.

Arts on the Ave Edmonton Society is a non-profit, community based, grassroots initiative engaged in developing 118th Avenue into a community arts district. Begun in 2005, this creative coalition has experienced exponential growth with a current involvement of over 200 multi-disciplinary artists and invested community members. In April 2008 Arts on the Ave was the proud recipient of the 21st Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts.

Arts on the Ave has an impressive track record; it has successfully endeavored to establish Alberta Avenue as Edmonton’s community arts hub. It has worked to affect positively the members of the community, the members of Edmonton’s arts community, and the citizens of Edmonton, Alberta.  

Head out to the old Cycle Building on 118 Friday night to kick off the festival with the "No-Tie Gala" art show and sale.  You will discover five of my thread-drawings in the exhibition.  For those of you who haven't seen my swimmingly beautiful mermaid on satin for a while, she is on display this weekend. 

Join us as we find new ways to make the world a better place right here on Alberta Avenue!  Enjoy the Festival!

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