Monday, September 13, 2010

Kaleido Weekend a Success!

Arts on the Ave presented Edmonton with the biggest arts block party!

The Kaleido Festival experienced a marvelous weekend of art and community in the beautiful autumn sunshine!  Sunday was spent playing carnival games, dabbling in workshops, listening to live music, the Rhythms of Our Own Drum Festival and decorating the light post contest!  A whole lot of family fun was had for another year.

Not only do I enjoy taking time out to play, but, I also had the pleasure of spending time with some very creative artists.  I cherish our friendships, conversations and laughter!

Two Hearts (drawn with thread)   by Margaret Braun
 It is interesting to see how our personalities are so evident in our art.  The ever playful and fun, Amanada.  Her art definitely reflects her character.  As does the warm and sweet Crystal.  I was intrigued to see that she carved her images into the wood.  These paintings just popped out to life!

I also had a lovely visit with my incredibly talented friend Kat at my favourite of favourite places, Remedy Cafe.  She moved to Vancouver a year ago and we hadn't seen one another since.  Her abstract drawings hang in my office like portraits of her.  She feels close by that way.  Kat and I used to have lengthy philosophical discussions most often in her studio or mine at the University or over coffee at Block 1912.  We both felt very strongly about building a creative community.  The group "Down the Rabbit Hole" was born, thanks to Kat, and we managed to meet large numbers of visual artists practicing in a variety of disciplines.  It was an opportunity for artists to meet; discuss their work, thoughts, beliefs; and share their images with one another.

For the most part artists work in a vacuum.   By being involved in a community, we can encourage, inspire and inform one another.  It has always been my belief we can become stronger and are more likely to succeed in a community. 

Life is one of connections.  Whether its connecting through my work, face-to-face, facebook, email, a phone call or a letter, connecting with you is truly meaningful to me.


  1. nice energy!

    and true, the net changes this a bit.

  2. It does change things a bit. I noticed that you were writing your comment at 4.21 this morning. I was awake at that time too. Wouldn't it be fun to communicate telepathically? giggle.... almost like sleep overs.... LOL!!!!