Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pen Pals

Ink drawings by Margaret Braun


I admit it!

I am a pen geek!

It simply is true.

I am forever on the lookout for the marks a new pen will make. 

When I find a pen I really like, I tend to get attached to it.  It seems most artists do.  There are a number of requirements for being "the" pen of choice.  How does it feel in the hand?  How easily does it slide across the paper?  What type of line does it produce?  Does it bleed?  Is it water soluble?  Point size?  Nib?  Marker?  Gel?  Ballpoint?  Rollerball?  Porous Tip?  Brush?  Is it reliable?  Consistant?  Black?  Colour?

Dan Price  author of Moonlight Chronicles has used Sakura pens for the last ten years and has never wavered.  John Copeland uses a ball point pen in his sketchbooks with great success.  Check his site under books.  Danny Gregory has his trusty nib holder and collection of nibs.  He has collected an arsnel of drawing implements and you can read how his entire original cast has changed over the years by reading his site.  Roz will try every pen once.  She is a wealth of knowledge!
My friend, Linda, draws with a well-worn branch dipped in ink.

Alas, it has been the experience of many, the "favourite" pen is discontinued and  a new one must once again be elected.  My  " favourite-pen-of-the-moment "  is the ultra-fine point BIC Mark It Pen.   I prefer black ink, however, BIC has come out with blue, orange, yellow, green and violet.  Hmm... violet ... I'll have to pick one up tonight.....

Do you have a present-day favourite?

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  1. I use the .25mm Pigma Microns (in black, of course) a lot: nice pen, comfortable to hold and work with, and archival to boot.