Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Show Us Your Edmonton!

Margaret, Robin and Brette
They met over breakfast while attending the University in Regina.  They would delight in their early morning meals; plan adventures and collaborate on their art.  That's how it all began.

Now, Brette Gabel and Robin Lambert travel to unknown cities to take strangers out for breakfast in an attempt to get to know the locals and the city they live in.  As they dine, they get acquainted with one another and talk about what their breakfast date likes to do in the city where they live. After the meal is finished, they ask their date to answer one question: "if we do one thing in the city today, what do you think we should do?".  It should be something that represents how the breakfast date sees the city and what they think other people need to know about the place they come from.

It was Day One and I was their first date.  Having to get an early start, my suggestion was to meet at one of my preferred eateries the High Level DinerRemedy Cafe was my first choice but they opened a bit later and didn't fit into our schedule.  I recommended that they visit for lunch or dinner.  We all ordered a delicious homemade granola that was topped with a thick creamy yogurt -- just seemed to be that kind of a day. 

Since I am a lifelong Edmontonian, I presented the couple with a pared-down list of approximately 30 suggestions of my favourite spots.  Our discussion was animated and lively -- only a mere two hours.  Ultimately, I sent the travelers off to experience Rainbow Valley Park in Edmonton's beautiful River Valley. The Park entrance welcomes you with a campsite on one side and a ski hill on the other.   "You are entertained by the rushing creek, beaver dams, wildlife, bridges and other forest loveliness", Robin commented in his blog.  If you check the artists' sites you will see by the photos and audio podcasts they enjoyed their time throughout the five day venture!

The duo was, later, interviewed on Radioactive on CBC Radio one in Edmonton.  They had a lot of fun during the interview and were invited back to recap their exploits at the end of their project.  They were also featured artists at Latitude 53 during visualeyes (21 September post).

I suggested they become friends with "Secret Edmonton" on Facebook that my friend, Jane, had discovered.  Perhaps there is one for every city....

If you had been their breakfast date, where would you have sent them?


  1. this sounds like WAY too much fun! i wonder if i will ever get to edmonton?

  2. Can you ever have too much fun? I hope one day you will visit. It's a lovely place. I believe you will feel right at home!