Monday, October 25, 2010

Why draw with your non-dominant hand?

Ink Drawing of Verne with Non-Dominant Hand by Margaret Braun
Because it’s fun!  When I draw with my left hand, the non-dominant one, I forget all technical questions.  I have just one thing to focus on, the hand following the eye.

The process itself is a little awkward.  Your non-dominant hand draws slowly and is clumsy. That’s okay.  Remember this hand did not go to school and is seldom asked to write or draw.  It takes a little bit of patience and lots of willingness to just accept what comes.

As an aside, my brain’s usual chatter turns off as I engaged my left hand and it feels as if a formerly untapped part of the brain is engaged.

The research in Creative Journaling by Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D. shows that, right handed or left handed, writing and imaging with the non-dominant hand gives greater access to the right hemispheric functions like feeling, intuition, creativity and inner wisdom and spirituality. When a dialog occurs between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, both emotions and thoughts are more fully expressed and understood.

Non-dominant hand drawing has been used in art classes for many years as a way of loosening up. It helps you to relax and draw what you see and feel. Try it yourself!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Drawing with the Non-Dominant Hand

Ink drawing with non-dominant hand  by Margaret Braun
Sylvie was modeling at "Drop in Drawing" the other day.

I mentioned to Curtis how, at East Coolee, we drew portraits with our non-dominant hand.  I suggested that we might try.  Curtis was game.  We were surprised and delighted by the results and had a great deal of fun! 

Try drawing with your non-dominant hand then send me your results.  I would love to see your drawings!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Handmade Book: Binding

Handmade Flax Paper, Music Sheets      Photo:  Margaret Braun
It is exciting to use discarded found materials such as old music sheets.  I love using a needle and thread. 

Handmade Flax Paper stained with coffee    Photo:  Margaret Braun
Hand stitching, binding the signatures together is also a peaceful and meditative act while making handmade books.  In this small 2" x 3" book, I soaked the flax paper in coffee to get a sense of "old" and "yesteryear" whereas
Handmade flax paper               Photo:  Margaret Braun

I have left the pages of this book pristine knowing full well I will experience the joy of marking it up in a variety of ways!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Handmade Book: Preparing the Signatures

Handmade flax paper                              Photo:  Margaret Braun
Tearing paper, folding paper, creating signatures of a book is peaceful and meditative.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

Thank you, Father God, for my loving family, my fabulous friends, this rich life I have been given and beautiful country I live in!  I truly am blessed!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

What are you grateful for at this moment?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Marjorie Wood Gallery: Coolee Show

Thread drawing, hand-made paper made from sage
and mixed medium on canvas by Margaret Braun
"Interactive Coolee" is now showing at the Kerry Wood Nature Centre in Red Deer.  The show began 25 September and will run through to early November with the opening 01 October 2010.

Over the past three autumns, members and friends of the Alberta Society of Artists visit East Coolee for a painting weekend in mid-September to early October.  "Interactive Coolee" features artwork made on location and artwork derived from the experience of working with this impressive form in the central Alberta landscape.  The exhibition presents paintings, drawings, photographs and abstract inspired from the landscape by 18 Alberta Artists.

The artists participating in the celebratory art exhibition "Interactive Coolee":  Margaret Braun, Peggy Arnett, Pam Wilman, Donna Miller, Carole-May Coty, Glenys Switzer, Gordon Ramsey, Frances Olynyk, Verne Busby, Karen Arnett, Jean Blackall, Linda Morrow, Nadien Cole, Morry Katz, Danielle LaBrie, Eileen Heidler and Billie Diane Avery.

Read about the fun we had this year in the 18 September 2010 posting!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

WANTED: Steve Miller!


Steve Miller is coming to Edmonton!

Artist Steve Miller is a professor and coordinator for the MFA in the Book Arts Program at the University of Alabama.  He spearheads the Paper & Book Intensive Workshops; is the originator of Book Artists and Poets podcasts found on iTunes and Juror of 500 Handmade Books by Lark.

Steve will give two public lectures sponsored by the University of Alberta Libraries, Department of Art and Design, and the School of Library and Information Studies. His first lecture, Generosity of Spirit, will coincide with the opening reception of The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild (CBBAG) at 5:00 pm 4 October.  A second presentation, Collaboration with Cuban Artists, is scheduled for 5 October  also at 5:00 pm in room 2-09 Rutherford Library South at The University of Alberta.

By the way, if you would like to read about the fun, friendships and shenanigans that took place at Paper & Book Intensive Workshop 2010 in Maine this year read  my postings dated 4 & 5 August and 8 September.

What do you think about my two-minute drawing of Steve?  I think he looks at least 10 -- NO!  20 years younger (giggle).  Submit your drawings of Steve and I will share your illustration with my readers!  This will be fun!  I'm sure Steve will enjoy it, too!