Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Handmade Book: Binding

Handmade Flax Paper, Music Sheets      Photo:  Margaret Braun
It is exciting to use discarded found materials such as old music sheets.  I love using a needle and thread. 

Handmade Flax Paper stained with coffee    Photo:  Margaret Braun
Hand stitching, binding the signatures together is also a peaceful and meditative act while making handmade books.  In this small 2" x 3" book, I soaked the flax paper in coffee to get a sense of "old" and "yesteryear" whereas
Handmade flax paper               Photo:  Margaret Braun

I have left the pages of this book pristine knowing full well I will experience the joy of marking it up in a variety of ways!


  1. i love seeing the sewing bug bite hard! i used to have stitching dreams...

  2. You still do! Love your latest little books. I see that you are using wood.