Sunday, October 3, 2010

Marjorie Wood Gallery: Coolee Show

Thread drawing, hand-made paper made from sage
and mixed medium on canvas by Margaret Braun
"Interactive Coolee" is now showing at the Kerry Wood Nature Centre in Red Deer.  The show began 25 September and will run through to early November with the opening 01 October 2010.

Over the past three autumns, members and friends of the Alberta Society of Artists visit East Coolee for a painting weekend in mid-September to early October.  "Interactive Coolee" features artwork made on location and artwork derived from the experience of working with this impressive form in the central Alberta landscape.  The exhibition presents paintings, drawings, photographs and abstract inspired from the landscape by 18 Alberta Artists.

The artists participating in the celebratory art exhibition "Interactive Coolee":  Margaret Braun, Peggy Arnett, Pam Wilman, Donna Miller, Carole-May Coty, Glenys Switzer, Gordon Ramsey, Frances Olynyk, Verne Busby, Karen Arnett, Jean Blackall, Linda Morrow, Nadien Cole, Morry Katz, Danielle LaBrie, Eileen Heidler and Billie Diane Avery.

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