Sunday, January 9, 2011

Deep Freeze: More than Just a Festival!

It took me an hour to shovel the snow around my car       Photo:  M. Braun
Where's my car?

Down my street            Photo:  Margaret Braun

Edmonton has just experienced a heavy snowfall during the Deep Freeze Winter Festival!  What timing!


  1. while it's been snowing here all day, two days, we only have about 6 inches...i think it stopped out your way before it came east and a little south!

  2. Friday was a white out and it's been snowing ever since. Understand we have another 24 hours to go. Lucky for us we have a ski hill (called Snow Valley) down our street!

  3. ok, i have a ski meadow (90 acres) out back (my farm) but not enough snow!!! rats!