Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year 2011: A New Handmade Book

It’s snowing again.

My 8 x 12 foot window frames a picturesque setting outside.  It genuinely is a white winter wonderland with a labyrinth of animal tracks marking the ground.

Inside, the aroma of freshly baked golden flax bread wafts throughout my home.  The flames in the fireplace look like Persian dancers tonight.  Walt Disney's  movie The Love Bug with Dean Jones, Michele Lee, and Buddy Hackett plays in the background.

I am stitching the signatures together for a new calendar book.  With every stitch I am recounting the wonderful events over this past year.  I feel so grateful for all the new adventures I have experienced, new learning, new people met and new friendships developed.  I am also appreciative of my community of loving and caring family and friends!

Stitching Design on Exposed Spine for Handmade Calendar Book 2011                                 by Margaret Braun

As I stitch, Deborah Howe comes to my mind.  This summer, in her kindness, she taught me to make my first hard-covered book.  As well, Deborah chauffeured Tatiana, Mary and me to New Brunswick to watch the whales.  As we entered the province we were met with the scent of wild roses that filled the air.  We drove down a narrow road which lead to the ocean and made our way to a cliff where we sat in the warmth of a summer's day.  The sky was a brilliant peacock blue and the sun's rays twinkled on the ocean waves like sparkling diamonds.   We were in awe of the whales as they entertained us by surfacing, spouting, diving, and resurfacing once again.  Deborah's generousity and beautiful spirit were magnanimous gifts.  I shall always be indebted to her.

I am thrilled to be starting year 2011!  I am eager to experience, with you, an exhilarating year fresh and new like the white snow outside my window.


  1. so fine to see the stitching climbing up the signatures. happy new year, margaret!