Monday, January 10, 2011

Sketchbook Project 2011: Five days and counting

Fire Truck on 1905 Street at Fort Edmonton Park        Ink Drawing:  Margaret Braun

I have five days to finish my sketchbook!

Sketchbook Project 2011 is  Art House Co-op's newest incarnation and possibly the most ambitious attempt yet.   This large art project ties thousands of artists together. Each artist is sent the same blank Moleskine sketchbook.  Thousands of sketchbooks will be exhibited in galleries and museums as they make their way on tour across the USA.  After the tour, all sketchbooks will enter into the permanent collection of the Brooklyn Art Library where they will be barcoded and available for the public to view.

I chose the theme "Down My Street" because I live in such an AWESOME area of the city!  Of course, Edmonton has a lot of interesting spots.

My home sits on the top of a hill in a large western city in the Canadian Prairies.

Walking down my street a few houses west of my home lives a well-known Canadian sculptress, Barbara Paterson, whose bronze sculptures sit outside the Canadian Parliament Building in Ottawa.    Sidsel Bradley is the other treasured female artist and former owner of the Fringe Gallery where I have shown my work for years.  Each exhibits their own nearly-life-size sculpture of a female form in their front yard.

Rainbow Valley Campground  is nestled at the bottom of the hill and a few steps west of the site are the Whitemud Freeway and the Snow Valley Ski Hill.   There is a path behind the campground that leads to a forest thick with vegetation and alive with wild animals.  The path leads to the North Saskatchewan River, Fort Edmonton Park and the Whitemud Equine Centre.

Heading east down my street are the University of Alberta Experimental Farms, new LRT Station, Foote Field (football field), major shopping centre and Fire Station No. 13.   My grandson really likes fireman Martin and so does my friend Jane!

 I love living here!

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