Thursday, February 17, 2011

Art Gallery of Alberta: Chance in Art

Chance poetry by Margaret Braun

What do you think about Chance in Art?  Does it occur?  If you think it does, do you avoid it or do you welcome it?

Well, a number of my friends and I attended the Chance and Contemporary Art Lecture at the Art Gallery of Alberta last night.  Special Lecturer and Distinguished Scholar from the University of Essex, Dawn Ades, shared her discoveries on chance in Dada and Surrealism.

This lecture tracked the ways in which artists harness or submit to the fortuitous, whether in the street or in nature. Among the contemporary artists whose work were featured: Gabriel Orozco, Marcel Duchamp, Hans Arp, Francis Alÿs, Roger Hiorns, Sophie Calle and Cecilia Vicuña.

Dawn mentioned an exercise in "chance poetry" which inspired me to try it last night.  Here are the directions:  Simply snip out a paragraph from a newspaper, magazine or any printed matter you might have at home.  Cut each word out separately; rearrange them as you wish.

It's a lot of fun!  Try it for yourself!

I see another addiction in my horizon...

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