Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Paper & Book Intensive 2011

Deborah Howe's class 2010  "Readdressing the Built-In Groove Case"  Photo: Margaret Braun

I finally sent in my application to PBI 2011!

Having attended PBI last year, I wish I could put into words how wonderful the experience was for me.   I lived, breathed, created, worked, ate, slept and celebrated with people of my planet!  It was a mass of strangers who came together and immediately became community.  I felt comfortable and connected from my inner core with these creatives.  No explanations were necessary for any of our actions or interests.  In fact, we thrived on every activity!  We were on the same wave-length!  There was such delight in every moment!  A sharing of interests, experiences and knowledge! 

This year assembles a talent of Carol Barton, Denise Carbone, Ann Freilsen, Nancy Levitt, Bridget O'Malley, Jean Buescher Bartlett, Andrea Dezso, Julia Miller, John Townsend and Martin Vinaver teaching the sessions in Ox-Bow. 

Ox-Bow’s campus encompasses 115-acres of pristine natural forests, dunes, a lagoon, and historic buildings. Ox-Bow has been in operation for over 100 years and provides an immersive environment for artists to explore traditional and contemporary modes of art-making. 


  1. margaret, i wil TRY not to be jealous. i am teaching in may, so no pbi will happen this year (or probably next). sigh. bummed. out. completely.

    and i will miss you. bummed. out. more.

  2. I'm missing you already.... I can't believe you won't be there...