Sunday, March 6, 2011

Italy Illustrated

Having had spent three weeks in Italy, I have decided to create a sketchbook filled with images of my travels.

I drew these two spreads in a store-bought sketchbook, the one with the pebbly black cover.

Collage/Illustration   by Margaret Braun

Ink, pastel and watercolour illustration by Margaret Braun

Since I wasn't very happy with the paper, I purchased some Fabriano paper from a local art store and will make my own hand bound sketchbook to create the illustrated memories.

As luck would have it, I found an old TEDTalks program from 2002 of one of my favourite illustrators, David Macaulay who wrote and illustrated  All Roads lead to Rome Antics.  I'm sure you will enjoy his process and birds-eye-view of the city.

Although Rome is fascinating, I must admit, if I were Italian I would be a Tuscan woman.

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