Sunday, September 25, 2011

What I did on my Summer Vacation

Collaborative Mark Making                       Photo:  Margaret Braun

I have been enjoying this summer!  Even though I live in Edmonton I believe it’s NOT OVER YET!!  September is a beautiful month with temperatures ranging from 20C - 28C (72F - 88F).

Teaching 5 - 11 year-olds the art of bookmaking at Harcourt House Kids Art Camp
Photo:  Margaret Braun

My life was filled with many, many family and friends, birthdays, weddings, new family members, meeting new people, a cornucopia of festivals, hiking, cycling, playing, jogging, corporate challenge events, a global urban sketchers drawing gathering, designing new hand-made books, bookbinding,

Native Dancer                              Photo:  Margaret Braun

exploring the comical world of the BBC, drawing, painting, exploring the pond in a paddle boat, canoeing, visiting galleries, "stars and science centre" as my grandson has come to call it, museums, discovering new milkshakes, exploring the river, soccer, baseball, marvelling at the sunrises and sunsets, studio openings, figure drawing, barbeques, live concerts, dancing, blowing bubbles, flying kites, watching tight-rope walkers, uncovering organic materials for mark making, watching the deer,
Hula Hoops             Photo:  Margaret Braun
celebrating the arrival of new birds, observing ducks and geese, undertaking research, picking saskatoon berries in the woods, dining on vegetables in the garden, collecting wildflowers, drumming with my friends, singing backup, dyeing natural fabrics with organic materials, getting lost and found in a corn maze, teasing and frolicking throughout the maze, having fun on the playground with children and adults, jumping on the jumpy thing, attending carnivals, pow wows, picnics, stargazing,  making collages with only the colour blue, laying on the grass and watching the clouds, long runs in the warm summer rain, bowling, appeared on television, run/walk for charities, learning about Feng Shui, meeting new neighbours, visiting a new lake, teaching bookmaking at a kid's art camp, running through fields of glistening red and blue dragon flies,  hula-hooping,  cookouts, drawing with chalk on the sidewalk, crayon art, painting with feathers, jumping in the fountain pool in front of city hall, water fights, playing with transformers, camping in a tent in my living room, making smores in the microwave and watching the marshmallows grow, hide-and-go-seek, climbing trees, playing tag, puddle jumping, spinning until we were dizzy, skipping stones, gathering feathers ….

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