Monday, October 3, 2011

Bearclaw Gallery: Aaron Paquette

Artwork by Aaron Paquette exhibited at Bearclaw Gallery  

What a FABULOUS Alberta Art Days weekend!

Visiting the art galleries was so enjoyable!  I met friends, artists, new people and others I haven’t seen in years!  Some of you have emailed or facebooked (is that a word?) letting me know where in the province you were and the different activities you participated in.  What fun!

I had the pleasure of finally meeting Aaron Paquette at the Bearclaw Gallery opening reception on Saturday.

Originally, I “met” Aaron through iTunes.  He published a podcast called “Secrets of Success for the Creative Being” which I have relished.   His words reinforce what I have already come to know or discover what I have yet to learn.  He shares with us stories and words of wisdom from family members that lead to his experiences and insights.  Aaron has a beautiful way of using words to paint images in your mind.  He promised me that he would continue to publish more podcasts.

Correspondingly, he also writes a whimsical, interesting and informative blog, “The art of Aaron Paquette".   Plus,  Aaron is my facebook friend!

On Saturday, when we greeted one another I felt as though I knew him.

He personally toured interested onlookers through his world of paintings relating stories, thoughts and native beliefs.  I could feel the warmth, strength, peace and the bliss in his words and images.

If you would like to view the exhibition in person you have until 13 October 2011. 

The best part of this weekend, however, came when my five-year-old grandson called to see if he could join me in my studio.  We explored all the paraphernalia that it holds and then painted.  His final painting was pinned outside my studio wall for all to see.  That was the best!

Sorry Aaron.

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